Galetech Energy Ltd. is part of the Galetech group of companies, which have been operating in the Irish wind industry since their formation in 2000. Galetech Energy Ltd. prides itself on delivering quality projects safely,on time and within budget. Employing engineering ingenuity, adherence to the highest safety and quality standards and professional project management are at the core of the Galetech Energy business philosophy.

Our Project experience

Carrickallen Wind Farm, Co. Cavan (20.5MW Windfarm)

• Castlecool Wind Project, Co. Cavan (2.3MW SWT)

• Mountain Lodge, Co. Cavan (34.5MW Windfarm)

• Bindoo, Co. Cavan (48MW Windfarm) Corkermore Wind Farm,

Co. Donegal (10MW Windfarm)

• R191 Annaghard, Co. Cavan (Public Road Upgrade)

• Rathrussan, Co. Cavan (Public Road Upgrade)

• Bridge St., Cootehill, Co. Cavan (Public Road Upgrade)

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  • Full Balance of Plant Delivery
  • Foundation Construction 
  • Site Road Construction 
  • Substation Construction 
  • Provision of PSDP & PSCS Services 
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